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The Start course


Where are you going in life? And how would you describe life’s journey? Is it like a bowl of cherries, and a lovely dream, or more like a puzzled maze and merely a joke?


One person who joined The Start Course said, "I was happily married, had a decent job with some great perks yet my life was still unfulfilled and empty. I tried to fill it with all kinds of things which gave me no lasting satisfaction. Then I heard about the Start Course and how life could be fulfilled in the person of Jesus Christ".


So what is the Start course? It’s a very informal and most enjoyable course for people with very little or no previous knowledge of anything Christian.


It’s a place where friendships are made and where people together can discover Christianity in six weekly small group sessions with a mix of video input, time to chat, simple discussion, and time and space to reflect on topics like:


Life is for living.

Oh my God.

Jesus who?

What’s gone wrong?

Dying to save us.

Into the arms of love.


If you have unanswered questions about life then start to get them answered by coming on the Start course. This course is run when we are not offering the Alpha Course.