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The Pilot Prayer Meeting is an occasional event. Watch the noticesheet for dates. The church gathers at 7:45pm to learn and pray together. It’s an interactive 'café' style meeting - coffee is available throughout and we sit around tables as we listen and pray.


The evening is usually divided into three slots. One focuses on our World Church Group, where we hear the latest news from a particular mission link and pray for them. During the other parts of the evening we learn about developments in our church life, and pray for our vision, outreach and, for example, work amongst children, youth, and the elderly. As we learn and pray we trust the Lord will be guiding us forward as a whole church together.


Other prayer meetings include the '24/7 Prayer Weeks' and 'Seasons of Prayer'.



The Universities and Colleges Christian Fellowship (UCCF) is the organisation which supports the Christian Unions (CU’s) at the establishments of higher education in the UK. Each term we hold an evening meeting to pray for the work of UCCF, including those in the office in Leicester and those 'out on the road', the staff workers associated with specific universities. Our local staff worker often joins us at our meeting and we therefore have first hand and up to date details for prayer.


Every year we pray for ‘Missions’ at many Universities & Colleges in which many of our students have been involved. Also at our prayer meetings we pray specifically for students known to us, those among our current church congregation, (some who are mature students) those who have children or grandchildren (and also past church members children) who are students.


We extend a warm welcome to anyone with a concern for our students and the work of UCCF, to join us at our prayer meetings.