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The Unique Shop is now located in The Bank oposite St Mary's Church

Open Monday to Friday 10.00am-5.30pm and Saturdays 10.00am-4.00pm.




‘The Bank’, of Ford Road Upton, our drop-in centre, is the place to hang out. The Village Youth Project (VYP) runs a wide range of clubs and The Unique shop is the product of one of these activities; a design and textiles club. It is increasingly clear that many young people suffer, with low self-esteem, a sense of worthlessness and poor self image. One of our values is that we believe that everyone is special, that they are unique, because this is what God believes. The Unique Shop Project aims to address both the need for a new access point for young people and the problem of self worth. Photos of the shop are availble on our Photos Stories page.


The Project


In the shop we sell a number of products: good quality second hand clothes as part of our vintage line, VYP merchandise and customised merchandise under the brand name “Unique”. This customised merchandise is designed and produced by the club.


Customers are invited to sign up to the Unique Family. In doing so they would receive a newsletter regularly which would look at a related issue to worth, for instance, Trafficking and Fair Trade. Included in this would be a Christian perspective and information about other events and activities run by the VYP. Unique Family events would also be held throughout the year.


Design & Production


Merchandise includes: tops, hoodies, bags, scarves, hats, gloves, jewellery, cards, paintings and good quality second hand clothing. The Design and Textiles Club designs and produces the majority of the clothes and crafts sold within the shop. The club runs workshops covering elements such as design, image transfer, needlework, knitting, and jewellery making. When a clothing design is replicated the young person who created it will receive the first one of the line for free. Any designs that aren’t selected for purchase by our people will be put into a scrapbook in the shop that customers can view and specially order designs from. Therefore every design created is viewed in a positive light.


Marketing & Retail


The shop is primarily for young people run by young people and volunteers. It is not to say that adults won’t find something suitable for themselves within what we are selling.


Having young people involved at every level of this project means that we will be selling items that young people will want to buy. They will approve clothing from wholesalers and source the clothing for our vintage line. Additionally, young people within the VYP will rate and approve designs before they are produced as garments in order to ensure that what we are making will be popular amongst their peers.


The majority of our unique line is made using the Magic Touch Transfer System. This digital image transfer system would allow us to print in full colour on to a variety of different surfaces, the cost of which is not affected by the number that are produced unlike a screen printing system. The transfer process has a cross-over into many markets, including work and leisurewear, promotional, photo and corporate gifts. Thus we have the ability to take on orders from groups that require promotional wear or specialised work or sportswear to help generate more income. We have a selection of clothing available to purchase within the shop itself however in order to minimise loss we will also have a catalogue with what types of tops we can offer and variety of designs which can be ordered.


We the project has been promoted within the local high schools – focusing particularly in the textile and design departments. We have to maximised our link with schools by using the shop and the brand Unique to discuss image and identity in PSCHEE lessons.


Contact numbers via The Bank website The Bank website.


For more pictures 'Photo Stories': The Unique Shop.


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