St Mary's church, Upton on MerseySt Mary's church, Upton on Mersey
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Encourages and coordinates St.Mary’s and The Centre’s support for 12 mission staff and couples working in a variety of ways to share the good news about Jesus, express his compassion in practical ways, and practice and promote his teaching on how to live.


Our links live on 3 continents and some have influence that extends even further.


The World Church Group stimulates interest in mission beyond the parish by:

  1. Arranging two World Church Sundays each year
  2. Supporting young people in short term overseas visits through the Roy Barker Young People in Mission Fund
  3. Organising a mission spot at Pilot Prayer meetings
  4. Supporting Home Groups who want to make a practical link with our missionaries
  5. Publishing a Links news sheet to inform prayer 8 times a year.