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Peter and Miranda Harris


Founders and International Coordinators of A Rocha a Christian Conservation Organisation.


May 08 Magazine article: A Rocha Birthday celebrations


A Rocha International website.


Videos (Google Video - look for these two videos)

Introduction to A Rocha. 7 mins.

A Rocha "Why should Christians care for creation?" 10 Mins.


World Church Sunday 11th March 2012 A Rocha Sermons

  • 120311: Peter Harris : 11.00am: Noah Genesis 6v9-22 : 24 mins
  • 120311: Peter Harris : 6.30pm: Moses Exodus 2v23-3v15, Romans 8v18-25 : 20 mins
  • 'Photo Stories': The weekend: A Rocha and Eco-Congregation
  • Eco-Congregation Award webpage

    Re:view Magazine May 2012

  • World Church Weekend: A Rocha
  • Ecocongregation: award
  • Ecocongregation: Conservation area

    World Church Sunday 19th March 2017 Report and Sermons

  • Re:View Mag Jun 2017 A Rocha: Caring
  • Re:View Mag Jun 2017 A Rocha World Church weekend
  • Interview with Hannah Pearson (A Rocha UK Partners in Action Manager)
  • Hannah with Peter Harris: 9am: 6 mins
  • 'Grounding the Gospel- Hope for the earth' Romans 8v19-22
  • Peter Harris: 9am: 25 mins
  • 'Isn't nature wonderful?' Psalm 65 and Romans 8v18-28
  • Miranda Harris: 10.30am: 35 mins
  • 'Earth-keeping as mission' Psalm 67
  • Peter Harris: 6.30pm: 30 mins