St Mary's church, Upton on MerseySt Mary's church, Upton on Mersey
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Exploring Faith


We believe and trust in God the Father,

Source of all being and life, the One for whom we exist.


We believe and trust in God the Son,

Who took our human nature, died for us and rose again.


We believe and trust in God the Holy Spirit,

Who gives life to the people of God

and makes Christ known in the world.

We believe that God wants us to make a difference

in our community through our work, worship and witness.


We believe that people can know God today

and that He can change our lives.

We believe that He wants to offer everyone the gift of new life.


If you do not know Jesus - we would like to tell you more about Him.

Contact one of the Clergy at the Church Office.


The Start Course and Alpha Course are both excellent ways to explore The Christian Faith.


Other helpful websites:


Looking for God.