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Small Group Outlines

Outlines are available as pdf files.

Black text has a link to studies,

Red text means a study has not been added yet.

Please note that some files open to a blank page and you will need to click to page 2 for the study.

The date refers to the linked Sunday sermon Where 170910 is 10th September(ninth month)2017

  • Most studies are linked to the sermon series on the 'Audio' pages.


    Spring 2018 'Liberating Love'

    Based on a book by Tim Chesters

    Linked sermons include these verses.

  • 180218 People and promise: Exodus 1v1-14, 2v11-25
  • 180225 Moses and call: Exodus 3v1-14, 6v1-8
  • 180304 God and Pharaoh: Exodus 7v1-18, 12v31-39
  • 180311 Crossing the sea: Exodus 14v10-15v5
  • 180318 Trouble: Exodus 16v4-32
  • 180408 The power of ten: Exodus 20v1-20
  • 180415 Tragedy and mercy: Exodus 33v7-23, 34v4-10, 29-35
  • 180429 Promise and presence: Exodus 40v1-38

    Spring 2018 'Healing in God's hands'

    Dates refer to the linked sermons

    Notes will be added as they are written

  • 180107 1. Human Flourishing – Good design and Good News Gen 1v26-27, Matt 4v23-25
  • 180114 2. Human Longing – All your heart, soul and strength Deut 6v1-9, Mark 10v46-52
  • 180204 3. Humanity flawed – Shame and hope Gen 2v25-3v10, Luke 17v11-19 (combined with 4)
  • 180211 4. Humanity – Being restored and to be restored Isa 40v1-5,v11, 28-31, Mk 5v35-43

    Autumn 2017 'Living in the light of heaven'

  • Review Magazine Sept 2017 Learning series background: 1 Peter
  • 170910 Matt 16v13-25 John 21v17-19 1. Peter, feed my sheep - Loving Jesus
  • 170917 1 Peter 1v3-12 2. Now and then – Linking here and heaven
  • 170924 1 Peter 1v13-25 3. Holy hope – Led by faith, hope and love
  • 171008 1 Peter 2v1-12 4. Precious stones – Lights in a spiritual war
  • 171015 1 Peter 2v13-25 5. Freedom to be different – Live in divine approval
  • 171022 1 Peter 3v1-7 6. Beautiful relationships - Loving like God
  • 171029 1 Peter 3v8-22 7. Hope-full – Loving life
  • 171105 1 Peter 4v1-19 8. Grace-full – Living in hard times
  • 171119 1 Peter 5v1-14 9. Faith-full – Lifted by God’s hand
  • 171126 2 Peter 3v10-18 10. A secure position - Looking forward

    ‘Welcome’ July series

  • 170702 1. Believe - what's our core Christian belief: Acts 2v29-41
  • 170709 2. Belong - who we are at St Mary's, how belief is expressed in community: Acts 2v42-47
  • 170716 3. Behave - how we act on what we believe - together: Acts 4v23-31
  • 170723 4. Bless - the difference we make as we serve: Acts 4v32-36, 6:1-7
  • A one-off sheet for group study and personal refection based on a TED talk by Rabbi Jonathan Sacks

    Summer 2017: Nehemiah

    Dates refer to the linked sermons

  • 170423 1. ‘Seeing the need’ Nehemiah 1v1-11
  • 170430 2. ‘Preparing the way’ Nehemiah 2v1-10
  • 170507 3. ‘Facing the challenge’ Nehemiah 2v11-20
  • 170514 4. ‘Bringing our offering’ Nehemiah 3v1-14
  • 170521 5. ‘Overcoming obstacles’ Nehemiah 4v1-23
  • 170528 6. ‘Staying with it' Nehemiah 6v9
  • 170604 7. ‘Receiving God's gift’ Nehemiah 8
  • 170618 8. ‘Knowing God’ Nehemiah 9
  • 170625 9. ‘Keeping going’ Nehemiah 13

    Spring 2017: Different Priorities - with Jesus


    Autumn 2016 'Good News'

    Based on the 'Natural Evangelism’ book by J.John

    • 161009 1. 'Go and make disciples with Good News': Matthew 28v16-20
    • 161023 2. 'Good news about a person': Rom 1v1-4, 16v25-27
    • 161030 3. 'Good News starts from where you are': Acts 1v7-9
    • 161113 4. 'My Good News to tell': Galatians 1v11-24
    • 161120 5. 'Demonstrating the Good News': Matthew 25v37-40
    • 161127 6. 'Inspired for Good News': Acts 1v12-14, 2v1-4


    Autumn 2016 'Journeys of Faith'

    Dates refer to the sermons

    • 160911 1. Disciples journey to Emmaus: Luke 24v13-35
    • 160918 2. Philip’s journey to Gaza: Acts 8v26-40
    • 160925 3. Paul's journey to Malta: Acts 28v1-10
    • The same notes cover all three studies


    Summer 2016 'Two ways to live'

    A series on The Fruit of The Spirit.

    This learning series is about growing spiritual fruit, Galatians 5v22-25, and applying it to our everyday lives, wherever we are.

    The fruit of our relationship with Christ is fed and grows from the fact that he lives in us through His Spirit.

    Our source and resources are found in Him.

    Which way we choose to live, shapes our discipleship and produces a different kind of fruit.

    We have drawn on the resources of Langham International for this series.


    Lent 2016 'Beginnings'


    Spring 2016 'Open Hearts: Open Hands'

    A learning series about the theme of 'Welcome' in our church vision.

    'Everyone a welcomer'


    January 2016


    Autumn 2015 'The Whole of Life for Christ'

    A learning series about enriching everyday discipleship.

    Sunday series starts on 11th October. Link to 'Audio' for more information

    where a linked talk from the Keswick convention is added to each title.

    The full notes for groups or individuals can be found in the book,

    'The Whole of Life for Christ' IVP Anthony Billington and Mark Greene.

    Summary notes for the groups are linked below.


    Autumn 2015 'Confideo Jesus'

    A learning series about confidence in Jesus, as essential to sharing our faith.


  • 'Prayer as sunbathing'; an optional one off steet for Small Groups

    Summer 2015 'Flourish'

    A learning series linked to our Vision statements.


  • 'God Spoke' A study linking to World Church Sunday

    Post Easter 2015 'Jonah'

    Two studies covering four sermons in Jonah


    Spring 2015 'Light Values'

    Values for Woodchurch High School.

    St Mary's is linked to the school through our chaplaincy ministry and students.

    The values of the school flow from the Bible text, 'Let your light shine" Matthew 5v16.


    Advent 2014

    A one off group reflection for Advent

  • A Celtic celebration of Advent

    Autumn 2014 'Live a life of undying life' Ephesians


    Summer 2014 'Different for God' Elijah and Elisha


    Spring 2014 'Prayer Course'

    A series on prayer written by Pete Greig based on The Lords Prayer

    We will be preaching on these subjects at the 9am 10.30am and 11am

    and showing the video at the 6.30pm with some discussion.

    Small groups can use the attached notes and videos

    or can link to them direct on the Prayer Course website.

    You may need to register your name in order to download from the website.

    Some groups will not be able to play the video and an audio version for CD players is added below. Some things will be missed, but it is mostly two peoople talking.

    Sermons with be added on 'Audio' page as they are preached.



    January 2014 'Acts of Faith'


    Advent 2013 'Lights'

    This is a four topic series on being 'lights in the world'.

    Our studies link to the prayers used for lighting advent candles in Advent services.


    Autumn 2013 'A Rocha'

    Two extra optional studies by A Rocha

    The World Church A Rocha weekend in 16-17 November 2013


    Autumn 2013 'Just Church'

    This is a short, four topic series on being a church

    that is on the side of justice and fairness.

    Some of the projects we regularly support through St Mary’s and The Centre

    are concerned with helping those who find themselves

    on the wrong side of injustice and unfairness.


    September 2013: Faith Building


    Summer 2013 'Galatians for you'


    Lent 2013 'View from the crowd'


    Spring 2013 'Pleasing in your sight': Three Psalms


    October November 2012 'Unique'

    For a full overview of the learing series see The Unique series


    September 2012 'The Word on the Wind': The Holy Spirit and ...


    June 2012 'Christian Healing'


    April May 2012 'There is profit in listening to the prophets'


    Lent 2012 'Real Lyfe'

    A series by Bible Society and Renovare on integrity in our Christian lives.


    Spring 2012 'Wherever'

    ‘Wherever’… that you may shine like stars. A life shaped by faith. Philippians.


    Autumn 2011: Discipleship series : Follow Me...


    September 2011: "In shape for mission": Mind the gap : Two studies on vision

    Preparing for Vision meeting October 15/15


    Summer 2011: Reasonable Faith.


    After Easter 2011: The Bible

    For use as a 'one-off' in Small Groups


    An Eco-Lent 2001: Sermons and Small Groups

    We are using the CWR booklet on 'Environment' by Ruth Valerio - available from church or the office.

    Also the book 'L is for Lifestyle' IVP by Ruth Valerio, would be a useful resourse.


    Spring 2011 Jesus: One to One.


    Advent 2010 Come Lord Jesus: Again.


    Autumn 2010 and Spring 2011: Fresh Fruit Disciples.


    September 2010: The book of Ruth: "Naomi:From Bitterness to Renewal".


    Summer 2010: God for life.


    Spring 2010: Lent series : The Vine and the Branches : John 15-17.


    Spring 2010: "Nehemiah".


    November 2009: Growth Action Planning


    Summer 2009 Lent: "Follow the way of love". Studies in 1 Corinthians


    Spring 2009 Lent: "Living Worship".


    Spring 2009 Using the Bible as prayer

    A one off study for groups to use.


    Spring 2009 Daniel: "Wherever you are".


    Autumn 2008 Advent and Christmas Carols


    Autumn 2008 'Talking with God'