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We were holidaying on the Llyn Peninsula in Wales. It rained . There was a choice; stay in and look out, or go out and get wet. We chose that latter. We headed off to Whistling Sands and checked that the caf? was open. There was another choice; drink coffee in the caf? or sit out on the wet patio seats. We chose the latter. We could have gulped down the quickly chilling beverage and headed off to a more suitable damp weather venue; but we stayed put, all alone on the beach.


Then, as if to reward our determination to enjoy the fresh air we were suddenly treated to a most amazing spectacle. A school of dolphins chose that moment to traverse the bay and delight us with a display their marvellous ease of movement both in and out of the water. We happened to be in the right place at the right time, against the odds. We were privileged to see these wonderful creatures breaking into our world from their underwater kingdom.


Jesus speaks about ?doing what he sees his Father doing? (John 5v20). Jesus did not opt for the ?indoor? life, taking the comfortable option. He preferred to engage with the hostile political and spiritual elements of his day. Jesus ?faced the weather? and opened his eyes to see the Kingdom of God breaking into the daily life of Palestine 2000 years ago. His Father is still breaking in... can you see Him?

Graeme Skinner


(Whistling sands, Llyn, Wales)