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There there is some controversy

about the origin of a small standing stone

in a field just outside our local village of Landican.

As the stone is located on the highest spot above the village

it has been proposed that the stone

could either be a place of religious gathering,

a wayside cross or possibly a bull baiting post.


The name Landican in its original Saxon

is translated as ?The Church of Decan?.

We know nothing of Decan,

however it has been suggested

that he might have been a latter-day Irish evangelist?

who would have stood at the standing stone to preach.

?Listen all ye haythen crew! O?ve got somtin to tell yis?.

True or not, we cannot tell,

but the fact remains that the same message of Christ

needs to be told in our community and wherever we are.


As a general rule,

preaching the Good News at traffic lights

would only invite ridicule or more probably apathy.

I find the words of St. Francis of Assisi helpful,

"Proclaim the Gospel of Christ to everyone; use words if you must."

The message of Christ becomes real to people

through our relationships...

but of course words are the only way to explain

?the hope that is in us?. (1 Peter 3v15).

Eventually words must be used,

for "How can they hear unless someone tells them?" Romans 10v14.


One thing I have learned,

rather have ?preaching? to those who ?walk past?,

it is better to build relationships by saying,

?Can I help??

Graeme Skinner.





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(Sheffield University - Graduation day)