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A prayer journey

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The labyrinth is an ancient symbol - long used as a meditation and prayer form.

People walked the labyrinth to express sorrow, joy, thanksgiving, penitence

or to ask for some special favour. It has associations with ancient pilgrimage routes.

A meditative walk toward a sacred site was used as a ritual of self discovery.


Unlike a maze the labyrinth is not a puzzle to be solved,

there are no twists, blind alleys or dead ends.

It is a journey into the centre and then out, a journey of receiving and then of giving.

A journey into your deepest self

and then back out into the world again

with a broadened understanding of who you are and how you relate to others and God.


The walk is an opportunity to stop and think -

about change, growth, discovery, learning to see more clearly and deeply,

taking courageous challenges along the way.


Take your time, there is no hurry.

You may be looking at these images for 30-60 minutes or more.

This is a chance to be refreshed and renewed.


All the photos were taken from the labyrinth

set up in St.John the Baptist, Great Meols, Wirral, UK.


The journey involves looking at photos of the stages from St.John?s,

reading the accompanying text and pausing to reflect.


Instructions are in bold.


If you wish to gather a few items to help you engage your senses -

please assemble them before you start. They are not essential, but they could be helpful.

A candle and matches; a stone; two shells, a small mirror; some chocolate and pen and paper.

Please use these when the text asks you to imagine something.


May God be with you now.


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