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Domestic Abuse is always wrong

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Domestic Abuse


Domestic Abuse is always wrong.

  • Laker Legal: Summary of legal advice about Domestic Violence

    Should you need help

    phone the 24 hour national domestic violence helpline 0808 2000 247.

    If you are in immediate danger phone 999.


    Domestic Abuse is the abuse of power of one person over another, within an family or intimate relationship. The abuse can be physical, sexual, psychological, spiritual, emotional, social or financial. It forms a pattern of coercive or controlling behaviour.


    In February 2011 this church explored some of the issues surrounding Domestic Abuse. There is a link to a resource paper in our Compass discipleship manual below as well as to the words from our four services, a confession, creed and declaration from one of our occasional 'Engage Sundays'.


    The vision of our church is ?To make a difference wherever we are as we share ?faith for life??. One of the stated themes in this vision is about ?becoming a healing community where people find a place where they are helped in their pain and struggles?. We desire to see our church community growing in compassion, care and concern for people in need.


    Abuse in the home is not a rare problem, it is just rarely admitted as one. The wider problem of Violence Against Women is the most common but least punished crime in the world.


    As a man, I have signed a pledge ?never to commit, condone or remain silent about men?s violence against women in all its forms?, through the White Ribbon Campaign UK . This page is part of my personal response. Like all areas of justice this is a Gospel issue, it is on God?s heart. Whether you are reading this as a disciple of Jesus, someone from another faith or no faith, I invite you to read the Compass page? and explore the ideas in the Action box. Links to helpful organisations can be found on the Compass page.


    Graeme Skinner (Vicar)


    Preparing for Engage Sunday Feb 2011: Domestic Abuse

  • Compass page 6.5 Domestic Abuse
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    Engage Sunday Feb 2011: Domestic Abuse

  • 'Engage Sunday' Feb 2011 Liturgy and prayers

  • 110213: Audio: Graeme Skinner: Introduction the the service : 11.00am : 5 mins
  • 110220: Audio: Graeme Skinner: Sermon : 9.00am : 30 mins
  • 110220: Audio: Graeme Skinner: Sermon : 6.30pm : 30 mins (repeat of 900am and including an exploration of 1 Peter 3 : First minute is missing, "God created us to be in relationships, but..."


  • 110213: Audio Item : Nina Castre : Masters Studies in DRCongo on Domestic Abuse : 4 mins
  • 110220: Audio Item : John Lockrie : The 'Transform' group : 5 mins


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