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Mental Health

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Mental Health


'Time to Talk' was an event concerning issues of Mental Health.

Linda Buckley (from St Matthew's Stretton) was invited to join us

for a conversation attened by 35 church members.

The aim of the evening was to,

- to overcome mental health stigma by being open in our talking,

- to understand that we can all be involved in 'bearing one anothers burdens' in some way,

- to recognise that have our limits in that support,

- to know something about how we can point peoople to others for their support (peer or professional).


Most of the conversation was not recorded to respect confidentiality and allow for an openess in discussion. However we did record three short parts of the evening. This was not a definitive training event, but may simply prompt ideas and encourage us in our individual suppprt of those with Mental Health problems (or as someone phrased it, 'disorders of the brain').


  • Introduction: Graeme Skinner: 9 mins
  • Conversation: Linda Buckley: 17 mins
  • Summary: Graeme Skinner: 7 mins


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