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New Start Prayer

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The New Start Prayer


Lord Jesus Christ,

I am so sorry for the things I have said and done

that have put a chasm between us.

The Bible calls this 'sin'. It means that we have put "i", myself , in the middle. Turning to Christ means living for Him.


I recognise that I need help - your help.

God alone can help us. We cannot reach God - so He comes to us.


Thank you for dying on the cross for me.

You extended your arms in love.

The problem of the human heart is the heart of the human problem. Jesus' love transforms our lives.


You rose again and defeated the power of death.

The resurrection is the centre of human history. Death could not hold Jesus.


Now I can be forgiven and set free.

"My chains fell off, my heart was free." The words of a famous hymn.


Come into my life now.

Forgive Me. Fill me with your Holy Spirit.

God helps us to live for Him. The Holy Sprit help us to become and be Christians.


I promise to live for you, help me to keep in step with you.

The Christian life is a decision to follow Christ. He walks with us.


Thank you, Jesus.



If you have prayed this prayer it would be a great help if contacted one of the clergy at St.Mary?s via the contact page.


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