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Are you spiritually fit?

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Fun without the pain.


Have you seen the rugby board game ?The Rugby Addicts Board Game by Gren?? It contains all the facets of the real game - passing, moving with the ball, kicks, tackling, scrums, ricks and lineouts. The promotional information entices us with, ?All the fun of the real game without the pain!?


Sometimes we try to sidestep pain in our daily lives. High tackles come our way or we get lifted and dumped unceremoniously on our backs. We can take holidays from the game of life, but we?ll soon need to run back on the ?pitch? and the ?opposition? may look bigger than before.


So how do we face the pain? One thing is for certain, pain will come our way. Being fit on a rugby pitch helps to minimise the pain of the game. But how is your overall fitness for life; physical, mental and spiritual? Of course I would say spiritual as I?m a vicar! But then I would say spiritual as you are a human being, or a very very clever primate posing as a human. I think that there is something deep in all of us all that requires attention. Forget it and you are missing out on your full potential. Who you are spiritually helps you face the world ? the real game.


Graeme Skinner (Former chaplain to Sale Sharks Rugby Club 2000-2005)


The Start Course and Alpha Course are an both excellent ways to explore The Christian Faith.


The New Start Prayer invites you to take a step of faith.