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After Sunday

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After Sunday


There is only one church although it exists in many forms and shapes. After Sunday focuses on two ways of thinking about church, both of which are essential to give a whole perspective. It is like looking at an object through one eye or two.


1)The Gathered Church

The church is most generally recognised in its Gathered Form. Here the people of God come together for worship, learning and fellowship. They come together at specific times and in specific places, in large or small groups. As a Gathered Church, people readily identify themselves as part of a community of faith. In this context people talk about 'going' to church.


2)The Dispersed Church

The church also exists in its Dispersed form. Here, the people of God are engaged in daily living, that is 'being' church in the world.They may or may not be consciously alonside other Christians but are working out what their faith means in the places where they find themselves.The most helpful image for the church in its Dispersed form is salt or yeast: invisible, but having a profound effect on the flavour and life of the world.


We meet and experience God in both the Gathered forms of church and the Dispersed form. They are inseperable one form another but it is helpful to recognise the differences between the two forms as they affect the way we think about our faith.


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