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Bible reading

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Bible Reading

'How sweet are your words to my taste,

sweeter than honey to my mouth?.



Some help to listen to God?s Word



a passage from Scripture - not too long. eg. A gospel event, a psalm.


Be aware

that God loves you and is present with you - always.



that these words are God?s words and are meant for you, here and now.



the passage slowly, aloud or in a whisper.



the reading.



over a word or phrase that touches you: you may feel God?s love, a sense of peace or feel confused and disturbed. This is God speaking directly to you in the words of scripture. Don?t hurry to move on. Savour the words, repeat them over and over again and let them become part of you.



by thanking God and praising him for what has moved you: share any sadness or confusion, ask for his help and forgiveness. Let prayer arise out of you - often it will be wordless.



with the Lord about your thoughts and feelings during this time - be honest, as one friend to another.



God will speak to you in his own way, in his own time:? don?t try to look for answers or lessons: let God?s Spirit pray in you.