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Fasting and praying

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What is fasting?


Fasting is abstaining from something to give the time to a spiritual exercise. Fasting and praying are often linked together in the Bible (Luke 2v37, 5v33).? Jesus assumed we would fast Matt 6v16-17.


We can abstain from food, sex, sleep (TV, reading, or anything that takes our time?.).? The purpose of fasting is to take our eyes off something in order to focus on the Kingdom of God. Fasting is not punishment; it is voluntary, and an opportunity to ?spend more? time/ energy/ money on God and his work. What is ?redeemed? can be put to use in other ways.


One obvious way to fast and pray is when there is a particular need present in a person's life ? or that of a church family.


How do I fast?


If you have never fasted before, start slow ? miss one or two meals in a day not three. Keep drinking fluids all day.

Spend the time you would have spent in a meal with God.

Start and stop as you would with a meal? timed.


Use the time well, perhaps starting with a Bible reading.

Let God speak to you. Question: ?What are you saying to me God??


If you are focusing your thoughts on a person who needs your prayer, write their name on a piece of paper and hold it in your hand as you pray.