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Fear Prayer by Bill Hybels

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Fear Prayer by Bill Hybels


One of the main missions of God

is to free us from the debilitating bonds of fear and anxiety.

God's heart is broken when He sees us so demoralised and weighed down by fear.


1) Next time fear rises, remind yourself,

"The Lord is in this place".


2) Next, as David urges in Psalm 62v8,

"Pour out your heart before Him".

Once you've acknowledged God's presence,

you don't have to pretend to feel anything different

from what you are actually feeling,

so tell Him exactly what is going on inside you.

Weep, moan, even scream.


3) Then call upon God in prayer.

Prayer itself can diffuse fear.


4) Finally, as you pray about a particular fear,

you must learn to give God the problem that produces the fear.


I write my prayers long-hand:

"Here and now in Your presence,

I am refusing to wander the wastelands of fear.

I will not imagine worst-case senarios,

I will not make up nightmares,

I will not live that way today.

I am making the deliberate choice to walk in faith.

As your word says, 'I will cast my cares upon you'".



Bill Hybels

From his book, "The God you're looking for".

page 35