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Review of the day

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At the end of the day, take time to think back over some of the 'main events'.

Ask God to show you what has been happening.

Think of this spiritual exercise as a video review of your day - with Jesus watching with you.

Now, let the day 'play back'.


View the moments when you experienced hurt, pain or confusion.

Maybe someone said something to you; maybe you did something you feel guilty about;

maybe you 'walked by' someone in need.

Ask Jesus to help you deal with your feelings.

Consider healing; action or response.


Allow the moments that you enjoyed to emerge.

Linger on them - relive them - relish them. Smile.

How did they affirm you?

How did they make you feel? Give thanks to God.


During this time you could ask any of the following questions:

Why did I feel like that?

Why did I respond like that?

Is there a Bible verse that comes to mind?

Does God forgive me?


Lastly, fast forward and commit the blank tape of tomorrow to God.


You will quickly develop you own way of using this spiritual exercise.

Long before video players existed it was called 'Examine of Consciousness'.

It is built on the natural tendency to think back over the day,

but most importantly, instead of making our own analysis and judgements,

we ask God to show us how he has be at work in the details,

the moods and the feelings of the day.


Do not let this exercise make you feel bad.

For Jesus does not condemn us as we come in genuine confession

but rather he 'stands up for us' in supreme love. Romans 8v28-39.

Allow the Review to help you sleep as a 'Child of God'.