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Telling your story

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How God will use your story


Stories inspire us. They provide teaching, encouragement, correction, and insight in a way that comes alive because the stories themselves are living. Much better than any lecture, stories are authentic examples of the lessons they wish to share.


Many of us feel as thought are stories are very ordinary. We have suffered a little, had a few victories, and enjoyed times of service, but we don?t see our story as anything worth repeating. If your story includes the life-transforming power of Jesus, then it is worth telling to whoever will listen. Here are a few reasons why:


Your story is accessible:

To those who know you,

your story is easy to relate to and understand.

You have a common connect

that allows your story to flow freely into their lives.


Your story is applicable:

The experiences, struggles and victories you have had

will make sense to many of those around you.

When you share them, they will relate and respond.


Your story is authentic:

The people with whom you share

can validate your story and can affirm its truth.

You are a representation of the truth

because people can see it lived out in you daily.


Your story is affirming:

When people hear your story,

they will be affirmed in their aspirations,

their struggles and their search for truth.

Your experiences can show people

that God is with us and is for us?

even in the hardest of times.


The most common way that Christians have told their story is through the preparation of a testimony. This is good, but I would ask you to go farther. Many times testimonies are centred on the moment of salvation with little real life context. Sometimes this is because we are short on time to tell our stories. Other times this is because we don?t think the other parts of our story are important. Both of these limitations detract from your story. Don?t be afraid to tell your whole story to whoever will listen. You will be surprised what small details and circumstances God will use to touch a heart.


Take some time to walk through your story in detail. Identify the moments of service, grace, suffering, encouragement, doubt, patience, sin, passion, confusion, trust, etc. Then be ready to use your story as a vehicle to communicate the Good News with those around you.


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  • Everyday

    What is God doing in your life at the moment?

    Are you able to talk opening about your story?



    If you were asked to share something

    of your story in a church service... would you?

    What might you say?


    Re:View Magazine

    We are always interested in articles for the Re:View Magazine

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    Tell us about how God is working in your life...

    in your place at home, work or play.

    250 words and a picture to The Office would be wonderful.

    (Please note that the story may need to be edited to fit on the page.)

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