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Interactive with questions, readings and audio clips.


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From the website.

WordLive ? a website which allows you to step into a multi-media Bible reading experience and deepen your relationship with God.


WordLive offers a fantastic range of creative approaches you can follow to engage with God?s Word. WordLive is designed to be intuitive and simple. Each day when you log on you will be prompted to pray and then read the Bible. The next step is up to you.


Using the revolving carousel that sits underneath each day?s Bible passage, you can watch a video, listen to the Bible passage, dig deeper into further Bible study, dip into creative prayer suggestions and explore other activities.


You can sign up to receive a daily WordLive email or podcast. Or you may prefer to access WordLive through your mobile or pda. However you choose to use it, WordLive brings God?s Word to you, wherever you go.


We want to offer WordLive to as many people as possible, and encourage everyone to deepen their relationship with God through the Bible! WordLive is updated and growing each day with new notes, images, videos and audio. It also has an extensive archive of material. It is still developing and will keep evolving.