St Mary's church, Upton on Mersey


Collecting quotes to ponder.

Who said what, when , where?

Wise words to think upon.

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Mark Labberton
"Voices in the gathered and scattered."
Lucy Winkett
"Scripture is brought to life."
Henri Nouwen
"Every day should be well lived."
Evelyn Underhill
Elaine Storkey
"Engaged with the Bible."
Elizabeth Elliot
"Harried and hurried."
Teresa of Avila
"No body but yours..."
CS Lewis
"To love is to be vulnerable."
Rob Bell
"Being busy."
Philip Yancey
"Honest Simple Prayer."
Tom Wright
"Every act of love."
Mary Pytches
Mary Pytches
"Letting go..."
Buzz Aldrin
"As man probes into space..."
Karl Barth
"Prayer is the beginning..."
Derick Bingham
"My inheritance"
Michael Mayne
"Prayer is..."
Tony Campolo
"God is the audience."
Howard Webb: football referee
"Never made a mistake?"
Confucius and Jesus
"To do or not to do...."
Chinese proverb
"The fox and the tiger."
Mother Theresa
"Love anyway..."
Deitich Bonhoeffer
Simon Reynolds
Brennan Manning
"Christianity is...a grace-laden mystery..."
Charles Dickens
"I will honour Christmas..."
"Faith is ..."
"Imagine a so-called Christian society..."
Steve Bradbury
"Faith is..."
William P Young
"Learning to live loved."
Peter Kusmic
"Hope is..."
Desmond Tutu
"Don't give up..."
Jim Elliot
"He is no fool..."
Oswald Smith
"We speak of the second coming..."
David Livingstone
"Christ alone can save the world..."