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Derick Bingham: "My inheritance."

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Derick Bingham


"As a Christian I have an incorruptible inheritance as the world economy collapses,

as millions lose employment,

as wealth flies away like an eagle in a storm,

none of this can touch my inheritance in Christ.

Even as death stalked me in my first chemotherapy course,

it was touch and go, but made it.

I am told that I have a 5-10% chance of living

but through it all my inheritance remains reserved for me

and it is untouchable by anything."

Derick Spoke at a ?Sundays at Seven? event in St.Mary?s in December 2006

Early in 2009 he was diagnosed with leukaemia and given two days to live.

He writes this quote some months later.


Derick Bingham is the teaching pastor at Christchurch, Belfast. He is an Adjunct Professor of English Literature at the John Brown University and is also a Fellow of the Royal Society for Arts.