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Michael Mayne "Prayer is..."

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Michael Mayne


"Prayer is the way in which we turn aside, however briefly,

to give attention to God,

to become aware of who we are and whose we are;

and when we intercede for others,

we are redressing the balance

by rejection the world's assumption that we must fight our own corner,

and affirming that we are indeed members one of another;

that loving God implies loving my neighbour as I love myself.

In the words of Karl Barth:

'To raise the hands in prayer is the beginning

of an uprising against the disorder of the world.'"


Michael Mayne "The Enduring Melody" DLT page16

When he was in his fifties, Michael Mayne, formerly the vicar of Great St Mary's in Cambridge and Dean of Westminster Abbey, was diagnosed with ME, but transformed personal adversity through his pen, writing an account of his illness ('A Year Lost and Found'). In 2005, he was diagnosed with cancer of the jaw, and found himself overnight in what he calls 'cancer country'. His new book, 'The Enduring Melody', is his moving account of life with cancer.