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Evelyn Underhill: "Worship."

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Evelyn Underhill


Many a congregation when it assembles in church

must look to the angels like a muddy, puddly shore at low tide;

littered with every kind of rubbish and odds and ends -

a distressing sort of spectacle.


And then the tide of worship comes in, and it's all gone:

the dead sea-urchins and jelly-fish,

the paper and the empty cans and the nameless bits of rubbish.


The cleansing sea flows over the whole lot.

So we are released from a narrow, selfish outlook on the universe by a common act of worship.

Our little human affairs are reduced to their proper proportion

when seen over against the spaceless Majesty and Beauty of God.


Evelyn Underhill(1875-1941) was a writer and pacifist

known for her numerous works on religion and spiritual practice,

in particular Christian mysticism.