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Our Vision:

Making a difference

wherever we are

as we share

‘faith for life’.


Jesus brought the kingdom of God to earth and invites us to pray “Your Kingdom Come, on earth as in heaven”. He wants us to be ‘in the world but not of the world’ (John 17v15-16). Our passion and purpose is to follow Him and share ‘faith for life’. Faith that brings life and faith that lasts for life.


Compass is a resource designed to help our church engage with ‘Christian Discipleship Together’. Compass is not about head knowledge, rather it is about realistic, real and relevant discipleship.


We know that God wants to lead us into Christian maturity but we don’t know what route to take. We know that we will take wrong turnings and that we will stumble and fall. We will feel tired and say, “Are we nearly there yet?” We will feel like giving up and we will be distracted. But we will be all the stronger for travelling together. “Compass” is a guide to help us as we travel.


The entire resource is linked to this site.


Practical notes and action


The Compass Wall in church will be a place to collect sheets to add to the file during the year. Sheets are numbered 1.1, 1.2, 1.3... so that new sheets can be slotted into the correct place in the Compass folder. Under the Compass Wall you will also find the Compass Response Box for any comments or correspondence from Action Boxes.


Compass pages often include an Action Box to help you respond. Please don't see this as prescriptive, you can and should respond as the Spirit leads you. However some ideas provided for you to link up with your Companion. You might like to use the Journal (Compass 0.2) to record thoughts and feelings. There is space in the left hand column of each page for your jottings and Notes as well.


As Compass is for everyone you might like to know that Youth and Children have their own Compass packs. If you are a parent, please talk with them about what they are doing and share with them something of what you are learning too.


A quote from a member of our church:

"Compass is such a good resource for building into our lifelong habits enabling us to grow as disciples. I am sure that as it is frequently referred to and more and more sheets are added, more people will begin to apply it in their lives."