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Notes on the 'Latest Information' page.


Before the Consistory Court on 30th July 2016


The Consistory Court is set for Saturday 30th July 2016 from 10am in St Mary's Church.

Whether you are with us on the day or elsewhere please use this prayer to unite us in our hopes.


Lord God, we worship you.

May our church, both people and buildings, be filled with your presence on the day.

May we be welcoming to all who join us for the court,

as we seek to further our vision of a ‘Fit for Purpose’ building;

where people find a welcome and a place of healing,

where we are equipped to share the love that you have poured out on us,

wherever we are and wherever we go.


We open our hearts to you in this vulnerable time as we await the decision of the Consistory Court.

We pray for good listening by The Chancellor, both legal teams, the witnesses and all present.


Whatever the decision of the Consistory Court,

we trust you to lead us on and may our response be full of grace and love.

May the buildings themselves be a positive legacy for future generations,

Lord, change the bricks but start with me, a living stone. Amen.


Luke 10v27 Love the Lord with heart, soul, strength and mind... and your neighbour as yourself.

1 Peter 5v15 Be prepared to give an answer, for the reason for the hope within...

with gentleness and respect.


After the Consistory Court


The Consistory Court was held in St Mary’s Church on 30th July. Barristers for and against the proposals cross examined the witnesses before the Diocesan Chancellor in the presence a full church. Our huge thanks to all who came on the day and to all who joined us in prayer from wherever they were.

The witnesses were Peter Hinton, Jerry Spencer (our expert heritage witness) , Graeme Skinner and Mike Gilbertson (the Archdeacon of Chester and representing the Diocesan Advisory Committee).

The barristers are now required to send their ‘submissions’ to the Chancellor on 1st September for him to consider, after which he will decide if he wants more comments from them or whether he has enough evidence to make a decision.