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Church Vision: Eco-Congreation



The vision of our church

is to make a difference wherever we are

as we share faith for life.


In Apirl 2015 we were awarded our second eco-congreation status.



Eco-Congregation Award


April 2015 Award

We can announce that after a recent eco-congregation visit and inspection our second eco-congreagtion award has now been granted. Thanks to all - including those who have co-ordinated our efforts. Can we commend the 'Environmental and Sustainability Policy' below to the whole congregation.


Our Church Environmental and Sustainability Policy Dec 2014

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    Eco-Congregation has an Award scheme designed to:

    - affirm the good environmental work of churches

    - witness to the wider world that churches care for God’s creation


    The Award is given to churches that have:

    - undertaken an environmental check-up or audit

    - undertaken activities or initiatives in each of the following three areas:


    1.'Spiritual': worship and teaching — linking environmental issues with the Christian faith e.g. through services, children's work or an adult homegroup

    2. Practical: practising what is preached e.g. an energy, churchyard or recycling project

    3. Mission: reaching out — worked with or through their local community on environmental issues e.g. a litter pick, project with a school or other community group, gaining positive publicity.


    The Award assessment is awarded after a visit by two local people: usually one person who understands the church context in which the work has been undertaken, and one person who is more of an environmental expert, who may or may not have a church background.


    St Mary's was presented with the 2012-2015 award and commended for:

    • Our environmental friendly lighting project inside the church building,
    • Theological training on creation as integral with the Gospel

      with personal committment and responsibility,

    • Our 'Living Lightly' magazine articles,
    • Our links with A Rocha and Living Lightly,
    • The proposals for the 'Spare land' project, providing benefit to wildlife, beauty

      and environmental education for all ages.


    We have also been regularly picking up litter in a local green area.


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  • Webpage a full list of our eco-congregation initiatives










    Caring for God’s world together

    Our church vision strapline above includes ‘Worship in widest sense’

    which encourages us to think about creation care.

    We have worked towards an eco-congregation status for 2012-2015,

    through specific targets of

    - teaching and learning about the Bible and the environment,

    - reviewing church property and management,

    - and challenging individual lifestyles through 'Living Lightly’.


    The big questions that emerged in the sermons and studies

    in 2011 included;

    Is caring for the world part of our discipleship?

    What difference can I realistically make?


    "Living Lightly" Re:View Magazine Articles

    A series of articles through the year

    written by members of our congregation

    inspired by the 'A Rocha Living Lightly' Website.

  • Feb 2011 'Living Lightly': An introduction
  • Mar 2011 Meters: Ruth Richards
  • Apr 2011 Wildlife friendly gardening: Jane Hill
  • May 2011 Ethical Banking: Anne Owen
  • Jun 2011 Air Travel : Alistair Simison
  • Jul 2011 Waste : Rosalind Carter
  • Aug 11 20Food : A Rocha website
  • Sep 2011 Power : Donald Cameron
  • Oct 2011 Shopping : Sue Simison
  • Dec 2011 'Living Lightly': Trains
  • Jan 2012 'Living Lightly': Thermostat: Ruth Richards
  • Mar 2012 'Living Lightly': Can we make a difference?: Jane Hill
  • Nov 2013 'Living Lightly' Recycling
  • Jan 2014 'Living Lightly': Energy: Donald Cameron
  • Ruth Valerio's IVP book, "L is for Lifestyle", is helpful to read.

  • A Rocha: Living Lightly website
  • 'L' is for Lifestyle Website by Ruth Valerio

    Lent 2011 Small Group and Sermon studies

    The series is based on the CWR Life Issues Booklet

    "Environment" by Ruth Valerio

  • Leaflet for Lent: The series and the booklet
  • Prayer leaflet for Lent: Morning and Evening Prayer

    Sermon series

    Sundays at Seven interview

    on 6th March 2011 with Ruth Valerio.

  • 'Audio': 55 minutes.
  • 'Video': 55 minutes
  • 'Photo Stories' 110306
  • Sunday Sermons

  • 110306: 1. The Wonder of creation: Martin Daly : 9.00am : 23 mins
  • 110313: 2. The tragedy of The Fall: Version 1 Whose fault?: Graeme Skinner : 9.00am : 27 mins
  • 110320: 2. The tragedy of The Fall: Version 2 Three trees: Graeme Skinner : 6.30pm : 33 mins
  • 110320: 3. God, the people and the land: Martin Daly : 9.00am : 28 mins
  • 110327: 4. Our future hope: Version 1 : Graeme Skinner : 9.00am : 35 mins
  • 110410: 4. Our future hope: Version 2 : Graeme Skinner : 11.00am : 28 mins
  • 110403: 5. Creation - enjoying the gift: Nikki Eastwood : 9.00am : 29 mins
  • 110417: 5. Creation - enjoying the gift Version 2: Nikki Eastwood : 6.30pm : 27 mins
  • 110410: Extra: Is it discipleship?: Graeme Skinner : 9 mins



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  • Miranda Harris: 10.30am: 35 mins
  • 'Earth-keeping as mission' Psalm 67
  • Peter Harris: 6.30pm: 30 mins



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