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"Unique" Autumn 2012



Cat Derrick - Youth Worker for St Mary's Upton writes:


Genesis of the Unique Series

The Unique Shop project in Ford Road began in response to issues surrounding image and worth. We wanted to use the shop as a springboard to talk about these issues – through the clothing, through the club and by being a part of the community. Ultimately we don’t just want to give our young people a higher self image but the right self image. The deeper issue we are addressing is one of identity and how we define ourselves. In February 2012 I had a reading week to look at material on this topic and think through how we’d take the project forward. It became clear that this was an issue first and foremost for us as a whole church family young and old alike. In order to communicate to the world that we are made in the image of God and that our identity is found in Christ alone we need to understand and live it as the people of God.


Purpose of Series

We want to explore together who we are and what our purpose is. We want to look to God to understand our worth and significance and to recognise the false images that the world portrays. Genesis 1v26-28 is our framework for the series but we’ll be going beyond that to look at the impact that Christ has on who we are. Each area that we are looking at links really closely with the others so there will be a level of overlap each week.


Bible Studies in Small Groups

These will focus on things Jesus said and did in the gospels. Christ is our model of what it means to be truly human and it is in Christ that we are new creations. This new way of living and being will be explored in these studies by looking to Jesus.


Sermon Series on Sundays

We take a different passage of the Bible to explore the linked themes. The sermons will appear below here and on the audio pages.


Series Titles and Bible readings

A Glorious Ruins and Grace (sermon) Romans 5: 1-11 (Small Group) Matthew 9v9-13 Tax collector

B Created for relationship (sermon) John 15: 1-17 (Small Group) Luke 15 Lost son

C Created for community (sermon) 1 John 4v7-21 (Small Group) John 17 Jesus’ prayer

D Created for purpose (sermon) Romans 12 (Small Group) John 13: 1-17 Washing feet

E Created to reflect (sermon) Exodus 19v1-6 & 1 Peter 2v9-10 (Small Group) Matthew 5v13-16 Salt and light)

F Wonderfully made (Just an extra Small Group) Psalm 139



October November 2012 The 'Unique' series Small group notes



October November 2012 The 'Unique' series midweek study notes

Compass 11.Unique



'Unique' Audio Sermons

1. Glorious ruins and Grace: Romans 5: 1-11

  • 121021: Cat Derrick : 9.00am : 18 mins
  • 121021: Graeme Skinner : 6.30pm : 30 mins

    2. Created for relationship: John 15: 1-17

  • 121028: Lorraine Williams : 9.00am : 20 mins

    3. Created for community: 1 John 4v7-21

  • 121118: Martin Daly : 11.00am : 20 mins
  • 121118: Sally Dowell : 6.30pm : 25 mins

    4. Created for purpose: Romans 12

  • 121125: Helen Bolister : 11.00am : 22 mins
  • 121125: Peter Davies : 6.30pm : 25 mins

    5. Unique Prayer: Psalm 139

  • 121202: Cat Derrick : 9.00am : 16 mins

    6. Created to reflect: Exodus 19v1-6 & 1 Peter 2v9-10

  • 121209: Martin Daly : 9.00am : 24 mins
  • 121209: Helen Bolister : 6.30pm : 26 mins



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