St Mary's church, Upton on MerseySt Mary's church, Upton on Mersey
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Our Vision:

Making a difference

wherever we are

as we share

‘faith for life’.


Jesus makes a difference in our lives. The brief stories listed on this page are not heroic tales of victory but are simply snapshots of people's journeys with God. None of us are the finished product and we are all labelled 'work in progress'.


In a few words members of our church talk about how God has helped them in their lives. Our prayer is that you will be helped on your journey and that you will have a greater understanding as you try to walk with others in their need. Every person's story is unique, but you may find that there are some common themes that may be of some help. The feeling of isolation is very hard and it may be that you are comforted by reading 'Life Stories' from others in our church.


We hope to include stories about how people have found God's help in times of need, struggle or distress. If there are members of our church who might like to contribute to this page, please contact Graeme Skinner at the office. We are looking for people to share about bereavement, relationship problems, addictions, loss... all the normal things that happen. Some of our stories are anonymous and nothing will be published that in any way causes pain to anyone else. We hope to publish stories that encourage faith for life.