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Denny Wright writes about her bereavement, her subsequent remarriage to Peter who had lost his wife at the same time as Roy died and the strength she has found in God.


In November 1991 my first husband Roy died following two years of uncomplaining suffering with Motor Neuron Disease; we had been married for thirty-three years.


I remember after Roy’s death walking with my dogs around a local field and saying to God, “There must be someone who needs loving and looking after!”


In the same month, Peter’s wife Hilda, who had been suffering with Mental Health problems, had taken her own life.


All our lives Peter and I had lived in Bebington, only meeting by chance on about six occasions. We knew of each other as my older sister is married to his older brother. We are both on an old group photograph taken at their wedding. Peter was nine years old and I was five. According to him, I was wearing a floppy hat and frilly knickers!


Following our bereavements Peter and I spoke on the telephone and decided to go out for a meal. I think secretly we had always admired each other, and our friendship blossomed.


We had many lovely holidays abroad together and, after several years, in 1998, we were married in St Andrew’s Church, Bebington, which has been my family church for many years. Peter attended church willingly with me and became interested in the Alpha course. This led to his confirmation in 1997.


In the summer of 2008, I felt drawn to attend St Mary’s Church Upton, and my daughter, (who had been attending there for several years) gave me a leaflet about forthcoming events. During the week preceding 25th September 2008 (‘Back To Church Sunday’) I decided to go to St Mary’s Church, not realising it was a special Sunday and Heather, (my daughter) said “Mum, you have a bonus, Geoff Turner is preaching that morning”. Geoff was the minister who conducted Heather’s wedding in 1990 and also taken Roy’s funeral service the following year at St Andrew’s Church.


We have experienced heart warming fellowship since 2008, but unfortunately, I was taken ill in December and underwent emergency surgery for cancer of the bowel. During hospitalisation, I received a great number of get well cards and comforting messages of support by prayer. During the time I was in hospital, I experienced comfort and uplifting by Our Lord God, which continues each day. I was also visited by the Home Communion team whilst I was housebound and recovering.


One of the good things which has come from this experience is that Peter mentioned “We never pray together”. Since then we have prayed together, resulting in many blessings.