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Food For Thought

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Food For Thought: Bishop Keith Sinclair: March April 2012


Keith Sinclair, Bishop of Birkenhead

Five Talks, Five questions, Five Evenings at St Mary's Upton


Each talk includes an introduction, the sound track of a film clip (from You Tube)

and a testimony from a member of our church.

Bishop Keth's talk starts after these items.

If you wouild lkie to find out more about what it means to be a Christian, do contact us at St Mary's.


  • 120330: 1. What about suffering and a God of love?: 47 mins (talk starts after 16 minutes)
  • 120331: 2. What about science and a God who creates?: 38 mins (talk starts after 6 minutes)
  • 120402: 3. What about Jesus and a God who becomes human?: 33 mins (talk starts after 5 mins)
  • 120403: 4. What about the future and a God of judgement?: 52 mins (talk starts after 19 mins)
  • 1204-4: 5. What about Me and a God who saves?: 45 mins